Some of you might have seen Dr. Nash Safar around the last month or so. Please make him feel welcome in our amazing Rocky Mountain House community.

Here is a short bio on this pleasant soon to be fully qualified Alberta family doc.

Dr. Nash Safar – I am second-year resident from University of Alberta rural family medicine, Red Deer program. I was born in Iraq and I have been living in Alberta for the last 14 years.

After I have graduated from medical school in Jordan I have worked in different positions in Alberta. I started in two research positions that have focused on preventative health such as Alberta Pregnancy and Nutrition Outcomes at the Children’s Hospital

I continued to enjoy preventative medicine and wanted to integrate into primary care where I have worked as a clinic manager in busy family medicine clinics in Calgary, Airdrie and Cochrane.

Outside of work, I enjoy gym, snowboarding and basketball. I look forward to exploring the area for hiking, sightseeing and adventure.

I am happy that I chose Rocky Mountain House as my rural training site, also, I am very excited to work with the team providing care to the RMH community and neighboring communities for the next couple of months.

Dr. Nash Safar