Resources for Patients


No Show Policy

Clinic Test Results

You will be contacted by your doctor or the receptionist if your test results require follow-up.

If you wish to check on results from recent tests, please phone and book an appointment with your doctor.

You can register with Alberta health records to view your results online.

Please come to clinic to provide us with your personal email address if you would like us to communicate to you via email in the future.

Financial Inquiries

Patients are financially responsible for all services not covered by Alberta Health Care Insurance, such as:

  • Private letters/forms/examinations
  • Insurance forms (e.g., Disability)
  • Driver’s Medical exams
  • Certain procedures (e.g., removal of benign skin growths, warts)
  • Travel health consultations: $35 per visit. $10 per injection visit.

Please ask the receptionist at the time of booking your appointment about the fee for the requested service.

Prescription Renewal

Our physicians issue medication prescriptions with the number of refills they feel are safe and reasonable until the next appropriate appointment.

It is your responsibility to schedule an appointment with your doctor before your prescriptions run out. When filling your prescription, remember to check if you have refills remaining. Please consider that it may be several weeks until you can get a suitable appointment with your doctor.


It is highly recommended that if you have a form that needs to be completed by your physician, that you book an appointment with that physician to have that form filled in. Just leaving the form for the doctor to complete, does not guarantee that it will get done in a timely manner.
Also please check the form to see if you are responsible for the fees to complete the form. Not all forms are paid for by Alberta Health or the sender of the form.

Make An Appointment

Please call the clinic to check for availability.