Family Medicine/General Practitioner


Family medicine/General practitioner

-Clinic only practice

TYPE: Full time/ part time available immediately

FTE: 1.0

LOCATION: Rocky Mountain house


Looking for a clinic only doctor to manage rostered patients alongside 12 General practitioners

-fixed overhead

-flexible time

-guaranteed full panel and fully booked days

-affiliated with Rocky PCN


-CCFP/LMCC or current licensure in Alberta


Rocky mountain house is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, 45min West of Red Deer. It is a area that attracts many outdoor enthusiasts. The expansive “west country” offers many hiking, ATV, snowmobile, horseback and riding trails. The town offers many activities including golfing, cycling and running trails, fishing, boating and cross-country skiing. The supportive and friendly community makes for a welcome home.

Rocky Mountain House Health Centre provides 24h emergency coverage. A multitude of allied health professionals and specialists share in the running of the hospital.