Dr Coetsee Education Sabbatical Announcement

Dear patient,
It is a pleasure caring for you since my arrival in Rocky Mountain House. My family and I have been welcomed sincerely and warmheartedly. The bond that has been formed with the community has been instant. In order to keep striving to serve this beloved community to the best of my ability, I have undertaken the challenge of furthering my medical skill set.
I have been accepted into the Family Physician Anesthesia Program in Edmonton and will be away from Rocky Mountain House for a 12-month period starting 01 July 2024. Upon my return, I will be resuming my family practice within Rocky Mountain House in addition to Anesthesia services.
Your medical records will be maintained in Rocky Medical Clinic. If you continue to access care in Rocky Medical Clinic, your chart will remain available to the physician providing your care. You are able to have the clinic transfer your record to a physician in another community. This can be facilitated by Rocky Medical Clinic.

Dr Rauten Coetsee